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Food / Alcohol Vendor Reservation

Please read this section carefully and agree to these terms using the vendor payment form. You may also download the forms for your records:


By rendering payment, you agree to sell your goods at Caledonia’s Totally Solar Celebration, which will be held from April 6-8, 2024. To reserve your place, please pay a non-refundable registration fee by March 27, 2024.

Payment Options

  • By credit card: Using the Vendor Payment Form on this webpage
  • By Venmo: @livingstoncountyfair
  • By check: Payable to LIV CO FAIR, mailed to Livingston County Ag. Soc. and Fair, P.O. Box 85, Caledonia NY 14423

We cannot guarantee a place for your booth if we do not receive your payment by March 1, 2024.

Terms and Conditions

“You” means the Vendor. “We”, “Us”, and our means the Livingston County Agricultural Society & Fair, Caledonia Fire Department, J.W. Jones Hall and Livingston County Tourism. “Event” means the Livingston County Fairgrounds Total Solar Eclipse Celebration.

You and we agree that:

  1. Preparation. You will be present and fully operational to provide the services at the event. We will provide you with a designated space from which to provide your food or alcohol service.
  2. Food Vendor licenses. You will have all required permits, insurance and licenses, including but not limited to Livingston County Health Dept. food service permit. Vendors must provide proof of Health Dept. Certification before setup on the event site. Vendors are expected to follow all rules and regulations as set forth by Livingston County.
  3. Alcohol licenses. Beer, wine, cider, and spirits vendors will have all required permits, insurance and licenses, including but not limited to New York State Liquor Authority Permits, Livingston County permits (if any). You are required to follow all the laws regarding proofing of age.
  4. Timely set-up. Vendors will arrive for set up at the event in enough time to properly setup in the space provided prior to the publicized event start time.
  5. Weather. The Event will operate rain or shine; however, the event may be cancelled due to unforeseen circumstances as determined in our sole and absolute discretion. Notification of cancellation will be provided by the morning on the date of the event.
  6. Duration. You will provide all food, beverages, merchandise and staff, provide services from 11 a.m.–5 p.m. on each day. All on site rules and instruction will be followed, including but not limited to the attached terms and conditions. You may stay open later if you wish to provide food for those patrons enjoying the band.
  7. Merchandise. We reserve the right to approve and deny merchandise/produce/goods that have not been approved through the proposal. We, our agents or volunteers will not be responsible for safeguarding merchandise. You will provide the food and/or beverage listed in the contract. You will not sell or display/provide any other kinds of merchandise. We can remove any merchandise that we have not approved. We will not be responsible for safeguarding any removed merchandise.
  8. Security. Any security we provide is for our sole benefit. You take all risk of loss or damage to your merchandise or other property, no matter how it is caused. If you property is lost, stolen or damaged, you will not look to us for payment or reimbursement.
  9. Media Release. By signing this Food Vending Contract and by participating in the Event, you agree
    to the following: I hereby give my consent to all photographs and recordings for possible use by us
    for promotional purpose, determined by us now and in the future.
  10. Trash. Trash receptacles will be placed throughout the event site for use by attendees. A dumpster
    will be provided on the facility. Vendors will be responsible for all trash to be bagged and will be
    picked up daily.
  11. Food Vendor Payment. You agree to pay Livingston County Agricultural Society (Liv Co Fair) $375.00 ($125 Non-refundable with contract, remaining $250 due 30 days before the event) for your participation in the event.
  12. Alcohol Vendor Payment. You agree to pay Livingston County Agricultural Society and Fair (Liv Co Fair) a $100 nonrefundable fee 30 days before the event due by March 6th, 2024 for your participation in the event.
  13. Indemnification. You agree to indemnify, defend and forever save and hold harmless Livingston County Agricultural Society & Fair, Caledonia Fire Department, J.W. Jones Hall, Livingston County Tourism and related entities/volunteers, from and against any and all damages, claims, losses, actions and causes of action, which any one of the indemnities may suffer or incur arising from your acts or the breach of any agreement, obligation, or for claims not closely related to our duties under this agreement, except to the extent such claims arise from our negligence or willful misconduct. The forgoing indemnification shall survive any termination or the expiration of this contract.
  14. Contact. Any changes to this Contract must be in writing and signed by both parties.

How to Contact Us

Any special circumstances or requestes can be discussed with event organizers at 585-245-1626.

Vendor Payment Form