Compact Figure 8

Heavy Hitting Productions

Taking Auto Demolition Derby’s and Figure Eight Racing to the Next Level


Drivers must be at least 16 years of age, and hold a valid state drivers license 16 and 17 year need to have a signed consent wavier by parents or guardian. Driver must furnish his/her own car. All drivers and pit personal must sign a liability wavier before entering pit area or track. All drivers and pit personal must attend drivers meeting prior to race time. No alcohol or drugs permitted in pits. No one under 16 years of age allowed in pits.


Any year 4 or 6 cylinder compact car with a 109”or less wheel base will be allowed! Wheel base max is 109”! There will be a predetermined amount of laps per heat and one feature race if there is a large amount of entries. All cars and drivers need to be on event premises no later than 1 hour before event start time NO EXCEPTIONS! A car must make a complete lap to be officially counted towards their total laps. Each car will have an official scorer counting these laps. Driver can go forwards or backwards, whatever it takes to get around the track. No deliberate head-ons or hitting the opponent’s driver’s door. Driver must remain in his/her car until car is removed from track or an official tells you to do so. All drivers and pit persons must attend drivers meeting prior to race time.


Drivers and passenger door must be painted white and free of slogans and advertising. A 2 ft. by 2 ft. white square must be fully painted on center of roof for car #. Drivers may choose number and already have it painted on car. If your # is already being used you will have to put a letter behind it. Both front doors will need to be numbered as well. (NO PROFANITY).

All glass to include front windshields, AIRBAGS, chrome, lights, carpet, headliners, back seats, fiberglass, and headlight header panels must be removed.

Dashboards and front passenger seat are (OPTIONAL!) Rear seats must be removed. All these items need to be removed from car before brought to event location! NO LOOSE GLASS INSIDE CAR OR INSIDE DOORS! Make them clean! Two steel bars or pieces of chain need to be installed across windshield area. Bars need to run from top of roof straight down to top of firewall. Bars must be secured either by weld or bolts nothing else. These are mandatory and for the drivers safety.


Only one battery per car will be allowed. Battery may be relocated anywhere under hood or moved to passenger side front floorboard. If you choose to relocate it to the passenger side floorboard it must be securely fastened no bungee cords used for hold down on battery. Battery needs to be fully covered by some type of rubber. (Floor mat or inner tube) If not secured tight be prepared fix it or move it back under the hood! We will be looking for zero movement.

Leave cover off until after inspection but bring it with you.


If the original stock gas tank is factory located completely in front of rear axel it can remain and be used in this position. All stock tanks located behind rear axel must be removed and relocated to the back seat area and securely fastened and covered.

Bungee cords will not be accepted for hold down. Officials will be looking for zero movement. So tighten them up! Fuel lines may run inside the car but need to be run inside another hose. Tank guards will not be allowed. Tanks need to be covered with a plastic or metal material. Covers need to be securely fastened also. Leave covers off until after inspection but bring it with you.


Must be secured shut by weld, chain, band, or wire. If you use wire we recommend # 9 wire but not mandatory. Do not use coat hanger for wire. Drivers door is the only door that can be welded solid. The rest of the doors, trunk lid, and are only allowed two 4-inch welds per seam. Do not connect corners with weld from seam to seam! Drivers door needs to be reinforced on outside by plate, pipe, tubing or guardrail.


You must run a hood. Any car hood may be used (does not need to match make and model.) HOODS MUST BE BOLTED DOWN in two spots six max. No bolts smaller than ½ inch and larger than 1 inch. You may use up to a 4×4 plate for hood washer. You may run threaded rod from hood down to core support mounts but they will count has two hood bolts and don’t exceed diameter size! A 12×12 hole needs to be cut in center of hood above air cleaner. If you choose to run exhaust straight up though the hood (stacks) you will only need to cut an 8-inch hole in center. Front and rear wheel wells can be cut and folded up for tire clearance. Folds can be bolted or tack welded in place. Five 3×8 bolts and washer or five ½” tack welds MAX per wheel well. Do not exceed bolt and washer size or you will be asked to remove them!


Any car bumper will be allowed does not have match make or model. Shocks and brackets can be welded solid. This will include were mounts meet the frame. You may weld bumper skins but bumper ends need to be trimmed off so we can see in them.

Bumpers may be welded on solid and chained or #9 wired on in two spots per bumper.

No chain bigger than 5/16! We do not want bumpers to come off.


Any 4 or 6 cylinder type motor or transmission combo allowed but must be bolted, chained or welded in engine cradle. No V-8 conversions. No plates or pipes going to frame rails.


Tie rod ends must be factory OEM turnbuckle and are not to be reinforced in any way.



Tires must be OEM factory size. Tire inside a tire ok. No screwing of tire beads. All wheel weights need to be removed. Valve stem protectors allowed. No liquid filled tires.

No modifying suspension components or reinforcing them in any way.


It may be a 4-point cage with an overhead bar (halo bar). No bars can go to frame. One bar behind the seat, one across the dash area, and one bar along each front door. Bar behind seat cannot be any father back than where the kick panel meets the bench seat.

Front bar needs to be at least 6 inches from center of firewall and must go over or under steering column. Door bars are to run along side the doors not inside them! 4 inch OD tubing max square or round.

Build your cars to these rules and not beyond them, and come and have fun. Do not read between the lines or seek out gray areas.

Feel free to contact us with any questions or concerns to these rules at (585) 794-0156 or email: